Cat training guidebooks that every cat lover should invest in

Cat training

A lot of people think that there is no way to train a cat. We know them as independent creatures with a will of their own and complete disregard for rules. The fact is they are just as trainable as dogs you just have to have the know-how and patience to do so.

Cat training guidebooks

Think Like a Cat
By Pam Johnson-Bennet

Pam has been referred to as the “Queen of cat behavior” and “America’s favorite cat behavior expert”.
This book helps cat owners to think like a cat, build great relationships with their cats through various play therapies and behavior modifications techniques.
By helping the cat owner to understand feline instincts that guide and define their behavior she offers a comprehensive guide to training and caring for them.

Clicker Training for Clever Cats
By Martina Braun

A tried and proven method for various types of pets clicker training, also called “classical conditioning” is a very specific type of training.Clicks and or a sequence of clicks means the cat must behave in a certain way if they get it right they get rewarded with cosy rubs, treats and a lot of positive actions.
Cats respond very well to this kind of training as they have a natural curiosity and will experiment to find out what their action is going to bring them.
This book explains how to properly use clicker training, the pitfalls to avoid, how to correctly treat and pamper and explains what clicker training is as well as what it entails.

catt1 - Cat training guidebooks that every cat lover should invest in

Naughty No More!
By Marilyn Krieger

Cats can have some really bad behavior problems like scratching furniture, darting through doorways, get along better with other cats, be more relaxed at a vet as well as in their pet carriers.  This book even helps cat owners find a way to keep cats off counter tops, sit and get along with their owners a lot better.Marilyn Krieger is a clicker trainer expert who knows exactly how to make the training quick and easy for you whilst being a fun activity for the cat. After the training, you should see a vast improvement in the cat’s behavior and attitude as well as having a stronger bond with their owner.

Outwitting cats
By Wendy Christensen

One of the most comprehensive guides to cats and how to train them.  There are not many questions Wendy Christensen has not answered that most cat owners want to know.Her methods are tried and tested, they work! She will help you understand your cat’s behavior and then teach you how to outwit them. By outwitting them she means being able to persuade them is getting to think what you want is the exact thing they wanted.

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