The mission statements from some of the top animal shelters in Indiana

she 563x353 - The mission statements from some of the top animal shelters in Indiana

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Humane Indiana

Their mission is “To inspire compassion within the human spirit as the beacon of the animal community through the relentless pursuit of Humane Treatment for all” This organization was founded in Indiana in 1940 but Miss Evelyn Sweitzer upon finding some animals being mistreated and set about to rectify the problem.  She got a group of women together to organize and find better shelter for mistreated animals.  Then set about trying to re-home them to a more loving, nurturing and better-suited environment for the animals.
Humane Indiana is located in Munster, IN.

Southside Animal Shelter

Their motto is “True love is rescued” and their mission is “To rescue, nurture and restore at-risk dogs and cats to happy healthy lives and loving homes.”

The South Side Animal Shelter is the story of Rosie Ellis that started to take in stray cats and kitten into her home. She would nurture them back to health and ensure their happiness by getting the adopted to better homes. She started this in 1987, in 1994 she purchased the property upon which the shelter stands today. In 1995 she received her Animal shelter license and her along with her staff members went about building the building that now stands on the property. Rosie is a remarkable woman that works with the community and other shelter organizations to reduce the pain and suffering of at-risk dogs and cats in Indianapolis.
The shelter can be found in Indianapolis, IN.

Bloomington Animal Shelter

Their motto is “Adopt-Love-Learn” and as a division of the Public Works, Animal Care and Control of the City of Bloomington.

Their mission is “to address and respond to all animal needs in the community through education, enforcement and support in order to build a community where animals are valued, treated with kindness and respect”

They do a good job of it as well taking each reported case very seriously. They run many pet adoption functions where you can go along have a snack and meet some of the animals looking to be re-homed.

They are located in Bloomington, IN.

Sullivan Animal Shelter

This shelters vision is to eliminate pet overpopulation and to improve the quality of life for the pet community.

Their mission is to “educate the public in the humane treatment of animals, relieve the suffering of animals and the importance of animal control through the neutering and spaying of animals”They help to connect low-cost animal clinics that provide educational material as well as micro-chipping of pets.

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