Advice and tips on how to groom your cat

Grooming your cat

Although cats are very good at grooming themselves there are times when a person will have to intervene and groom them.

In fact, all cats should be groomed at least once a month or so.  It is advisable to start making a cat used to being groomed from an early age. This way they get used to the grooming and will fast get used to being pampered by their owner.

Reasons to groom your cat

Grooming your cat stimulates the natural production of oil for the health of your cat coat keeping it soft and shiny.

It can prevent intestinal blockage caused by hairballs from excess hair the cat consumes whilst grooming.

Helps eliminate fleas and ear mite whilst you can also check for any abnormalities or lumps beneath their skin.

Grooming Long haired Cats

For long haired cats, you will need special combs and or brushes to help detangle knots and mats.

Make sure you have a rubber mitten grooming tool and the appropriate brush and or grooming comb that suits your cat’s needs.A wide-tooth comb is best for removing dead hair from the rubber mitt is better for the sensitive under arm and body brushing. These areas tend to be a delicate sensitive part for cats.

De-matting should be done in a special way pertaining to the type of cat you have. If the mat is too bad (as it hurts the cat to get them out) it is best to take them to a parlor and let them do it professionally. You do not want to end having your cat get mange or some other bad skin disease.

Some long-haired cats need to be groomed as much as once a day.

Shorthaired cats

A fine-toothed tick/flea comb and a rubber mitten or grooming pad are best for cats with short hair.

They usually only need to be groomed about once or twice a week.

Use the flea comb to get rid of any eggs or fleas on the cat’s skin, do this as gently as you can.  Cats usually enjoy the stimulation and attention.  Before you start grooming your cat, however, ensure they are in the right mood and actually want attention.

If you are finding a lot of flea residue on your cat be sure to get the correct tick/flea control treatment.

Massage any burs, mats or gunk from their fur to loosen it then use the rubber mitten or grooming pad to brush from their head down towards their tails.

Finishing grooming and when to stop grooming

If the cat becomes overly stressed or angry it is time to stop grooming them. If you have found a lot of matting, etc. it is best to take them to the parlor and let a professional handle it. They know how to keep the cat from becoming overly stressed and freaked out.

Once you are done grooming remember to coddle give love and high praise followed by some great treats.  This way the cat will start to enjoy his grooming.

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