5 Things you should know about a Golden Retriever before getting one

The Golden Retriever

This beautiful, loyal, intelligent and unique dog has been a family favorite for decades.  It is also one of the most popular family dogs in the USA and around the world. They are commonly seen as guide dogs and therapy dogs due to their intelligence and love of their owners.

But sadly these dogs often land up in shelters as they do require some special attention and getting used to.  So, unless you are completely sure you are ready to take on the responsibility that comes with owning a Golden Retriever rather get a breed more suitable to your circumstances.

5 Things to know about Golden Retrievers

gold - 5 Things you should know about a Golden Retriever before getting one

#1  They make the best family pets

Starting off with one of the reasons you would want to get a Golden Retriever for your family, especially if you have kids are need a support pet.
They are the best family dogs as they tend to be able to anticipate their owners or family’s needs, they are fast learners and will take care of children.With their gentle loving nature, they will never be too far from their family’s side.

#2 They get very attached to their families

You will have to come to terms with having a dog in the house as they love being around their family.  The will want to be there with you watching TV, in the kitchen whilst you cook and sometimes will even be found lying outside the bathroom door patiently waiting for you to finish. Even if you go to your chiropractor in san jose they may want to go.

Even if you have a huge yard if you are not out there this dog will prefer to be inside with you and or the family.

#3 Constant grooming is required

Golden Retrievers have long coats that shed all year round tend to be worse in winter.
So be prepared to buy a strong vacuum cleaner that can handle dog hair as you will be needing it – A LOT! To stop the shedding as much your Golden Retriever will need to be brushed for at least 15 – twenty minutes at least 3 times a week,

gold2 - 5 Things you should know about a Golden Retriever before getting one

#4 They do not like being left alone for to long

As they become part of the family they do not like to be left alone with you for too long.

They will start going into depression, suffer anxiety every time you leave, or they can get destructive.  You could very well come home to a completely wrecked house.  Getting a dog walker or taking them to doggie day care will help. Ultimately it is you they want to be around not some strangers at a day-care of dog walker no matter how nice a person they are.  It is recommended that they should not be left alone for longer than four to five hours a day.

#5 They love to chew

You will have to remember to put your shoes or any other items of chewable value to the Golden Retriever lying around.  They will end up chewing it!

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