5 Small dog breeds that will fit right in with your family

Man’s best friend

Every kid wants a dog, it is a time-honoured tradition to see a kid with their loyal companion and best friend.
There are all sorts of breeds that come in various shapes and sizes but there are also some that do not do well with children.

5 The small dog breed that will fit right in with your family

1 Beagle - 5 Small dog breeds that will fit right in with your family

#1 Beagle

This breed is known as a scent hound because they have an exceptional sense of smell, especially in a hunting environment.  They were originally used to hunt rabbits and foxes, they are still used for hunting today.

They have a lovely even temper, are very gentle dogs as well as very sociable dogs. They like meeting people so are not the best guard dogs around but will make a great companion for your child. They love to play and go adventuring.

#2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These dogs may look a bit daunting and fierce, but they are actually very sociable, loving dogs. They do tend to be a bit hyperactive so are not suited to a calm indoor living.
They make great companions and playmates for kids, especially kids that love to be active and outdoors.

3 Keeshond - 5 Small dog breeds that will fit right in with your family

#3 Keeshond

Keeshond’s are intelligent and learn very quickly, they get attached to their families.  With children, they are loving, affectionate and great companions that love to play.  They are medium sized with a long sleek coat and warm eyes.

#4 Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

A single-layer coated dog which is a great choice for people with allergies as this dog seldom sheds if at all.

They are an Irish dog of medium size with a very playful and friendly nature. They love kids and are very gentle with them.Bred for over two hundred years in Ireland as a farm dog to herd and guard livestock they are great to have around children as their natural instinct is to protect them.  Ensuring they stay safe and do not wander off.These dogs have done well in various training and are regarded highly in animal-assisted therapy.

5 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever - 5 Small dog breeds that will fit right in with your family

#5 Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

These loyal, lovable dogs used to be bred to hunt waterfowl in Canada.They are a medium-sized breed that does need a lot of exercises but are really eager to please and their intelligence makes them really easy to train.

They are excellent companions for the entire family and also do very well in various dog sporting activities.

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