Your checklist for getting ready to adopt a cat

Cat adoption

As when any adoption there are certain rules and requirements have to be met and understood. There are also some things you will have to have ready for the cat adoption. Things that the newest member of your family will be needing when they arrive at their new forever home.

Items you will need for your cat

Water and food bowls and food

These are really important to have and to ensure they are completely separate are the best bowls.  They may take up a bit more space, but some cats can be messy eaters.  Their water could become contaminated with food if the bowls are connected. Make sure the size of the bowls is an appropriate fit for your new cat.
Do not forget to get cat food and treats.

Plastic cat box carrier

Once again make sure the size of the carrier is correct. If must also not be too heavy and the best for the cat is to have a door they can see through.  Carries are no in-humane and can both protect and keep the animal calm.

cat2 - Your checklist for getting ready to adopt a cat

Most cats do not travel well so if you did not have a carrier you could find yourself with a very nervous cat bouncing all over the place as you make your way home.  Not that you would probably be able to take the cat home from the shelter in the first place. In order to transport a cat, it is a requirement for you to have one.

ID Tag and a collar

It is a requirement for your pet to have an ID tag and as such a collar. Although these days having your pet chipped is becoming the more popular form.  Someone can throw away a collar, but it is pretty hard work to remove a chip and could cost the animal its life if not done correctly.

Most pet shelters and vets scan the animal to find out if they have been chipped in order to correctly identify or prove ownership of the pet.

Sandbox and kitty litter

Another two important items are kitty litter and a sandbox. It is best to get your furry friend house trained from the moment they step into their new home.  By having their ablutions ready it is a way to make housebreaking that much easier.

Toys and a cat bed

Having a toy, two or more and nice comfy fitting bed for your cat is another way of making them feel at home. They will have their own space and corner to retreat to and if you want to stop them scratching up the curtains and furniture a scratching post is a really good idea. There are some really nice ones these days that also double as a sort of cat play station.

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