5 Large domesticated cat breeds for the cat lover


Cat lovers tend to love all breeds of cats and many have probably fantasized about owning one of the larger cats such as a lion, tiger or panther of sorts. Well, some people do actually own some of the large cat breeds, but they are not that trust worthy.
There is some good news for cat lovers that want to explore the larger cat breeds, there are some domesticated cats you can own that have been known to get larger than the average household cat.

5 Large domesticated cat breeds

#1 American Bobtail

This cat is an American breed that is known for its stubby bobtail and has an average weight of around 7-15 pounds.

Their coats vary in shade and have a shaggier look rather than sleek and dense.  This, their size and eyes give them a wild cat look and legend has it that the breed was a result of cross breeding between a wild bobcat and a domestic tabby cat.

Its original blood line, however, goes back to a short-tailed brown tabby male named Yodie. He was mated with a Siamese seal-point and most of the original American Bobtail’s bloodline has died out.

ca - 5 Large domesticated cat breeds for the cat lover

#2 British Shorthair

They weigh in at an average weight of 9-18 pound and highly affectionate cats despite their bratty look.  These cats are also classed as one of the largest short haired cats around.

They have chunky bodies with a broad tubby cheeked face and dense fur.  The most popular color variation for this breed is a “British Blue” with its completely thick grey coat and striking copper eyes.  These days you can find them sporting various patterned and color coast such as color print and tabby.  But they mainly all have the striking copper colored eyes.

#3 Chausie

A very rare breed that was developed by crossing a wild cat with a domestic breed. It is a very beautiful cat weighing in at 15-20 pounds. It costs a fortune to buy and maintain due to its special needs and diets.

They tend to have tall broad ears with prominent striking cheekbones, yellow or gold eyes and three different color short coats.

svann - 5 Large domesticated cat breeds for the cat lover

#4 Savannah

This cat is one of the largest domestic cats and weighs on average around 25 pounds. It gets its size from being bred by crossbreeding a domestic cat with a Serval which is a wild cat that is found in Africa.

They are also very tall cats, with long pointing ears and a spotted coat which gives them a cool exotic look along with their light color eyes.

#5 The Maine Coons

This is known as the largest domestic bread with their fluffy coat and weighing 15-25 pounds.

It is known for its dog like characteristics, soft fluffy coat with faces almost resembling that of a small lion.

It is a very sociable cat and a skilled hunter it is the perfect family cat.

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