How pet adoption works in America, the rules, regulations and some handy advice

Adopting a pet

When you adopt a pet, you are not just finding the most faithful friend, but you are in turn helping the charity(s) that you adopted your pet from.
These charities work tirelessly ensuring the pets get the best forever home that they can get.
There are millions of animals needing homes that have been neglected, abandoned and or mistreated.  They deserve a good forever home with the perfect family for them. As such adopting an animal comes with various rules, regulations and certain requirements a person may meet.

How pet adoption works in America

pet3 - How pet adoption works in America, the rules, regulations and some handy advice

#1 Visiting the shelter to find your new friend

The first step is one of the hardest as you will need to go to the shelter nearest to or around your area to find one. There will be so many it will break your heart to have to only choose one. But you will know when you have found them, something inside you will click and just feel right.

#2 The interview

This is the second step and is a very important one. Here you are entitled to ask questions about your pet you are adopting as much as the interviewer(s) will ask you certain questions.
The interviewer will ask you questions to gauge whether or not the pet you have chosen is a good fit for you and or your family.  They will ask you questions about previous pets you may have had, what happened to those pets and how you intend to take care of your new best friend.

#3 Home inspection

An agent from the shelter will pop past, usually either unexpected or by appointment.  You can actually expect them to do both before a final decision is made. This is to see if the environment will benefit the animal and be suitable.

It is also a great way for the agent to once again assess you and or your family in your environment.

#4 The paperwork

You will have a lot of paperwork to fill in and will have to pay for or part thereof of the animal’s shots and neutering/spaying. These are all requirements for the pet before they can be released to you should you be a good match for the animal.

You will also be required to pay a small fee/donation for the animal. The shelter does not profit off this it is what keeps them afloat to help the others that need them.

pet2 - How pet adoption works in America, the rules, regulations and some handy advice

#5 Taking your pet home

Once the shelter is happy with everything and the animal has had its shots and any operations it may need you will be notified.  You can then go and fetch him/her.
Make sure you have everything ready for your new pet in order to make them feel welcome as soon as they walk in the door to their new forever home.

#6 Home visits

You can expect a few surprise visits along with some scheduled home visits.  This is to check up on how you and your pet are doing.

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