3 Ways to Protect Your Pets from EMF Radiation

Our pets spend the majority of their time at home, even more than we do!

While we are at work, grocery shopping, running errands, or just away from home, our pets are still there, lovingly awaiting our return.

They are effected by EMF radiation just like we are and so taking steps to protect them will keep them healthier, happier, and around longer.

EMF radiation in animals can cause cancer, tumors, behavioral issues such as nervousness, and accelerated aging.

If you’re pet isn’t acting like themselves lately, it could very well be exposure to radiation.

And even if they are acting normal, why wait for any symptoms to arise, protect them now!

Here are 3 ways to Protect Your Pets from EMF Radiation:

1. Sleep and Eating Zones

dog bed 300x300 - 3 Ways to Protect Your Pets from EMF Radiation

Most animals sleep a lot.

As mentioned above, while we are gone and they are home alone, they are most likely sleeping for a big portion of the day.

Place their beds in a safe location away from electronic appliances like TV’s, refrigerators, computers, routers, and so on.

It is also a good idea to place their food bowls away from the fridge or appliances as well as water stations.

2. Protect Your Home

smart meter guard - 3 Ways to Protect Your Pets from EMF Radiation

There are lots of ways that you can protect your home which include router guards, EMF blocking paint, EMF

materials to wrap your house in, etc.

But the isn’t feasible for everyone so starting by eliminating the item in your home the emit the most radiation is a good place to begin.

Did you know that your SmartMeter emits a ton of harmful radiation that penetrates through walls and into your home?

Rest assured, as there is an affordable product to eliminate 98% of this radiation and it is called a SmartMeter Guard.

Place it over your SmartMeter and reduce a ton of radiation that is leaking into your home!

For a detailed guide on SmartMeter Guards and how to install them, head over to IRDA.org’s blog post.

3. Protective Collar

emf dog pendant 300x300 - 3 Ways to Protect Your Pets from EMF Radiation

Lastly, adding some EMF protection jewelry to your pets collar is going to protect your pet wherever they go throughout the day.

Crystal Catalyst Beads (found on E-bay) have been used for over 23 years to help both people and animals stay protected from EMFs.

In fact, dairy farmers actually put these beads on their cows to help protect them and in turn, produce healthy, wholesome milk!

Amazon.com also has a great selection of EMP protection collars for your pets.


Protecting your pets will also provide more protection for you.

Our pets can’t tell us what is wrong, so it is our responsibility to be informed and take action to protect them and provide a healthy and safe home.

We would love to hear what other ways you like to protect your pets from EMF radiation!

Please leave them in the comments below.

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