volun - Volunteer

Reason to Volunteer at your local or nearest animals shelter

#1 Every year around 2.5 million animals are put down in shelters.  This is primarily due to lack of funding and a staff shortage. As a volunteer, a few more animals would get the care and support they so desperately need.

#2 Get to learn some new skills and more about animals.  Especially for those that are looking to go into veterinary medicine.  You will learn how to groom, feed and check animals for different diseases, illness, injuries, etc.

#3 You get to meet new inspiring people that can teach you different things like building animal pens, the best way to muck out stalls, etc.

#4 It has numerous health benefits as being around animals has proven on many occasions to be a form of healing for various ailments and mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

#5 You get to make a difference in not only lives of the animals but the families that you may get to pair a pet with.  There is no better feeling than knowing an animal that has been abused and or abandoned gets to find a good loving home.  One that you had a hand in choosing and you got to save that animals life.  You may even have got to save the person who adopted the pet’s life too.

If you want to help the animals but you cannot due to allergies, etc. there are other ways you can help out at the shelters too.  You can man the reception desks a few hours a day or over weekends.

Help with the various functions and fundraisers needed to get money for the shelters.  Hand out flyers or find families for the pets.

There are many things the shelters need help with and every little that you could offer will go a long way.